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What Exactly Is Residential Landscaping Architecture?

When an architect designs a building, they look to create structures which not only fulfill their functions but are also pleasing to the eye. Well, the same applies to residential landscaping, a landscape architect is a professional that creates functional and decorative areas outdoors. Landscaping architecture is a branch of design which focuses more on the natural areas which surround a home.

Residential landscape architecture is much more than just planting a few trees and shrubs, any competent architect will first study the site, in material if it is a small city plot or an acre in the countryside, this is done in order to determine where the shady and sunny areas are, what the prevailing wind directions are, what type of soil it has, and if there are any issues with views or excess. Also, as part of the planning stage, the architect will need to also determine the best focal points they will use for the property.

Once this has been determined, they will then go ahead and draw up a plan which will include what kind of trees, flowers or shrubbery they will plant in order to complement the house. Recreational areas, like swimming pools or barbecues, are often integrated to when the builder or homeowner desires it. Residential landscape architecture is often incorporated with decks, playgrounds, terraces, and exterior lighting.

Using all the factors, ranging from the pitch of the site to specific features wanted, the architect will then choose the best trees and plants. Having a degree and license in landscape architecture means taking courses in geology and botany, to name but two, which means the architect knows what are the most suitable plants, using the soil, drainage, and local weather in the area, and which plants will not survive in these conditions. Landscape architecture is a blend of art and science used to create a certain effect.

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