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What Is Involved with Residential Lawn Care Company?

Commercial and residential landscaping is planting the likes of bushes, trees, shrubs etc, in addition to non-plant features which are combined and arranged in order to create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. This arrangement can be done by a professional landscaper or by amateur gardeners. Depending on what the needs and wishes are of the owner. Design priority is often given to the aesthetics or to create a more functional space. Traditional elements range from gravel, shrubs, flowers, trees, grass, water features, stone walkways, exterior furniture, and lighting.

While residential and commercial landscaping is meant to be visually pleasing, the designer needs to consider more than just this when planning a garden. They need to determine how a space is going to be used. And choose elements which allow for and enhance it. For example, a garden that is used for a family vacation home could have a patio and exterior furniture. Which will allow the family to have their meals there. Also, the soil quality and climate, which will to some extent dictate what foliage can be planted.

Plant elements used in a garden can range from flowers, shrubs, and trees. Depending on what the intended atmosphere is meant to be, these plants can be extremely stylized. For example, a garden could have hedge mazes or flowers which are arranged in certain patterns. With other cases, the landscaper could favor informal foliage, like randomly placed wildflowers.

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